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Note to IT, others evaluating our web sites from a technical POV: We stayed with static (html) to create sites, rather than database driven web sites, because we saw that search engines, Google, Yahoo and MSN (Bing ) had trouble with database sites and we had not seen a database driven site, (that is NOT already a major brand), in page one search results for organic search engine optimization (SEO), for a mildly challenging key-phrase. We also avoided the total Flash based web site - these site were never indexed by the search engines and we know why.

However, as we have been seeing that examples of open source sql driven content management systems (CMS's) such as Drupal 5, 6, & 7 (beta) and Joomla 1.5, as well as blogs such as WordPress 3, have finally, developed far enough to overcome this search ranking issue problem - if and when configured correctly and given time, they are now making it to page one. (Also search engines have been working to solve this problem as best they can). You should know that Microsoft and IBM have moved these out of the monitoring phase and have also been supporting some versions of open source software as well.

Thus we are happly in the progress of migrating some sites into database based driven web sites, and we have selected the web site development tools, Drupal 6 & 7; Wordpress 3.0; and perhaps Joomla 1.5. all for there lower total cost of operation (TCO) as well as overcoming some security issues as well. We can't say how happy we are about this for our older sites and new clients we serve!

Frankly maintaining and working in the old school html static form of web development is time consuming, and well a bit boring. Even back around 2005 we did a Drupal 5.0 site, it worked some what then, so know we have been waiting and watching for a while . (BTW) HTML5 is coming so let you know about when that is a go.



Joomla 1.5

Now Serving Drupal, Wordpress 3.0 & Joomla with confidence as well as some other select open source database driven web solutions!



Specializing in Durability testing for Solar / PV Industry. ASTG companies, the leaders in accelerating PV & Solar Testing

» Accelerated Solar PV Testing Group

(in progress)



» Dr. George O Waring III

(in progress)

  » Rivercast Capital LLC Laguna Beach, CA
LA Wine Fest Principal Joel M Fisher teamed up with LanceThink at the get go three year ago in 2006 with an idea to create the largest smart but friendly wine exposition, education, and lifestyle fest in Los Angeles. Year 1 was held at the Vanguard in Hollywood, year 2 on the Queen Mary and this year at Raleigh Studios here in Hollywood. Each year gaining more wineries and lifestyle exhibitors thus increasing sales (ROI) for all parties. Not to mention enjoying nice wines, meeting some great folks and having a great time.
Online Marketing, SEO, & PR Services

Web Design, build, online marketing & PR
Personal brand development.

Trusted LASIK Surgeons is an intense focused local search engine and online marketing campaign including web design, build and site launch and organic SEO started launched in January 2008 and is beating projected results. Within a few months TLS surgeons site directory rankings improved to pages ones in listing in local search across the country. As a result more of the top 1% on eye surgeons in the country include TLS surgeon directory in their practices online marketing budgets as they plan a cost effective and efficient lead generating service heading into 2009.


Dr. Salz was able to increase the number of LASIK procedures by 20% and enhanced his professional profile with a complete web remodel and an organic search engine optimization management - resulting in 35 page one search engine listings in six months. Update: Google Authority Site in 2007.

» Laser Vision Medical Associates, Los Angeles, California.







Holoeye Systems is on track serving it's US based clients with current product information as well as reaching new customers with comprehensive organic web page optimization.

» Holoeyesystems, Westlake, California






A complete ROI on-line marketing campaign including, online PR, natural search engine optimization and a managed pay-per-click campaign helps increase Holoeye's international product sales by 25%. Holoeye enhanced profile also contributed to new key partnerships and has developed attract top management personnel. Update: Google Authority Site in 2007.

» Holoeye AG, International.




Multinational Hunter Douglas required a comprehensive online strategy for its global web presence. Hunter Douglas is the world market leader in window coverings and a major manufacturer of architectural products.

» Hunter Douglas, International






Certified Executive Chef Whitney Werner promotes his successful contemporary club dinning guide and educational programs internationally through this simple yet effective site.

» Chef Whitney, Santa Monica, California



Club Kids Programs founder is able to promote and distribute it's private club youth programs and educational resources to private club youth programs worldwide.

» Club Kids Programs, Los Angeles, California





Manufacturers representatives Blue Line Associates has been with LanceThink Media for over 10 years. Maintaining an informative and simply designed site increase it's clients base and profile in the industry. Currently Blueline is expanding services via a new Global Supply Chain Partnership project.

» Blueline Associates, Lake Forest, California




After a web site remodel and three new product line logos venerable Frenchcraft, founded in New York in 1934, won two innovation design awards at Magic, the fashion industries premier trade show.

» French Craft, Los Angeles, California






Showcasing the sprit of it's 1923 founders one of the first and only of three remaining private clubs on Southern California's gold coast the Beach Clubs website and E-newsletter keeps its membership up to date 24/7/365 days a year.

» The Beach Club, Santa Monica, California






Jr. Chefs Academy provides culinary programs to a growing number of private schools. Attracting and informing parents, providing a cost effective online registration for an increasing number of students who learn from the individual attention of its master instructors.

» Jr. Chefs Academy, Los Angeles, California







Inspired by the success of Jr. Chefs Academy, the Jr Knitting academy embarks on its mission to proved non-technical educational experiences to its students. First year registration is on track.

» Jr. Knitting Academy, West Los Angeles, California





Legal Lending Groups innovative financial product is set to transform the capital lending and financial industries to reassure its target clients required a conservative approach for this informational web site. Supporting online SSL applications this easy to navigate site helps a new venture get started on the right foot with first year sales targets on track.

» Legal Lending Group, LLC, Marina Del Rey, California





The Los Angeles Chapter of the ACF saves time and money by moving most of its office work online. E-Newsletters, event registration secure payments, member applications, surveys, and sponsorships, help this non-profit make the most of its yearly budget.

» American Culinary Federation, Los Angeles Chapter





» The Groove Divinities, Hollywood, California






» California Design Floors (in progress)






» Carlotta Atlee, Pacific Palisades, California






The New King Sound relocated its state of the art recording facility into a private residence in the Hollywood Hills. This creative site conveys the "Hollywood Rockstar Experience" to its international recording stars. The studio is booked year round by major record labels and A level recording acts.

» The New King Sound Recording, Hollywood California




» Dorian Photo Restoration, LLC, Los Angeles, California




» Bullfrog Capital Management LLC, New York, New York






Club Culinary increases the professional profile of its chefs and contributors while attracting private clubs chefs and managers to its educational programs. The latest version utilizes the Drupal open source content management systems to enhance interactivity and foster community -serving internationalpPrivate Club Chefs industry growing tech. savvy. E-Newsletter subscriber base grows 30% per year.

» Club Culinary, Santa Monica, California




Fashion, automotive, aeronautical, marine, furniture—Lectra has developed the broadest offering on the market, with specific solutions to answer the strategic challenges of its customers in each sector and each business.

» Lectra Systems, International






» Dianne de la Vega, Phd. International