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Here is What we Think:

Beyond "looking nice" your web presence is an extension of your brand and can be a central part of your clients or customers experience with your product and/or services.

Your Web site is fast becoming or can now be the central hub of all business marketing efforts. Your web presence and online & offline marketing programs or channels require specific attention and a solid business approach based on your business goals.

Fundamental business concepts applied to your online marketing channel will insure the maximum return on your investment. You can and should coordinate offline marketing channels with online to determine average cost per lead or sale across all channels.

Your web site and online/offline marketing programs represent challenges and opportunities.

The internet has more than marketing to offer. If you are a start up you can enjoy the low costs of software as a service (SaaS). Small or Medium (SMB) business have an opportunity to go virtual, lowering costs, increasing productivity.

Web services are impacting your team building, financing, organizing, IT, legal and marketing areas. With or without your participation or knowledge. Gain control or fall behind. That is your choice, and it's your call.

Call us today if you want to start saving time, saving money, and increasing your business revenue.

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"Web 2.0, Social Networks are ways of letting your site visitors do more word of mouth online about you, instead of by phone, water cooler, gym, club, etc. realize they do this with or without your help."



About Your Investment In our Services

Example: Unless we are doing a web site make-over with search optimization about 40%-50% of the time we are actually working/coding/designing your site. The other time is spent asking questions, educating, explaining, probing and communicating with the your point person in order getting the answers we need to build the site you need.

Custom Web Packages start from $3000.

Our fans just know they need a site or have a site that is old or under-performing and don't want or have time to learn how to present and position their business services or goods in the online market place. They call us for the same reasons they would call a lawyer, CPA, or a doctor. It's about solutions, expertise, training and solid advice...

A web site is not just code and design, it's about your business. The cost is the value of our service to your business. We are business advisors. You may consult a bother, nephew, etc, if results are not critical. However, If you are a small or mid sized business and you value and are ready for results that align with your business goals, then we maybe able to help you get there. Find out.


Here is our Contact Information:

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"Hip agency, big agency, whatever buzz words these guys come up with, its all a form of direct response marketing with a twist, it's less expensive, if done right."


Here is What We Do

Comprehensive Online Marketing Solutions

Online Account Management, SEM, SEO, Search Engine Marketing, CPA, CPC, pay-per click, ECRM, CPL

Email marketing, Managing online Campaigns, Lead Generation, SEM, CPL, CPA

or a-la-cart:

SMS (Text messaging, Text Alerts)
Local Search
"Web 2.0" (Blogs, You Tube, My Space, Flicker, Facebook, etc.)
Wiki's - Business, Enterprise & Personal
Social Networking - Linked in, Xing, (see word of mouth but on-line)
Business Strategy
E- Marketing Consulting
Project Management
Web Hosting
Web Design
Web Content Development
Natural Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Online Advertising
E-Newsletter Design
Email Marketing
E -Commerce
Interactive Design
Print Design
Power Point Presentations
Online Corporate Communications
Online PR
Business E-mail
User Interface Design & Testing
Information Architecture
Web Marketing
Web Analytics
Web Traffic Analysis

User Interface Design & Testing
RSS Feeds
Reputation Management
Business Name Consulting
Trademark / Service Mark
(acquisition & defense of use)

We just call it Integrated Digital Marketing

How? Because it's all digital & all networked.

Virtual Database
SaaS - Software as a Service
CRM - Customer Relationship Management
VOIP - Voice Over IP (think virtual PBX)
Virtual Office & Global Team Collaboration
Video & Audio (create for offline spots and/or convert for site use and optimize for viral outlets such as You Tube etc.)
CMS - Content Management Systems
Information Architecture
Pay-Per-Click Campaign Set Up & Management
Corporate Intelligence
Competitive Analysis
Security Analysis
Security Planning and implementation
Design Services
Digital Photo Retouching
Digital Design
Graphic Design
eBook design
Corporate Identity
Stationery packages
Direct mail
e-Marketing Campaigns
Product packaging
Fashion Clothing
Trade show graphics
Web sites
Online Training Development
Domain Name Research & Registration


Here are some Frequently Ask Questions & Definitions:
About Web design, building, development, and roles.

A “Web Designer” is first and foremost, a designer. Much like there are interior designers, print designers, or machine designers, a web designer is a graphic artist who designs for the web. (Think frustrated artist - unless commercial designer)

A “Web Programmer” is a programmer who is skilled in the client/server nature of the web. There are even subdivisions within this area, as “PHP Programmer” and “Django Programmer” , "Ajax" Programmer -all quite valid job titles.

A “Information Architect” (IA) handles the complex task of organizing information. This is someone who can take the mass of users’ content and transform it into a well-ordered collection of information. (Think Librarian)

A “Web Content Editor” is the individual who can take someone’s 1st draft MS Word document and transform it into eloquent prose, structured for the "Ad like, 3 second scan", browsing habits of the average web visitor. (Think Outline)

A “Web Manager” is the individual who sees the big picture, and can work with other web specialists (hey! that’s a nice way to put it!) to coordinate the production of small large and complex web publication projects. (Think Tiger or Wild Animal Trainer)

A "Search Engine Optimizer" (SEO) must use and understand all of the above skills at the highest level, understand what works for search engines, set up and make sense of analytical data, and analyze traffic patterns for problems, make sure the site is readable, and attractive, and have enough marketing sense to tie these technical and creative efforts to a clients business goals. (Think ...harder)

Because of this the best SEO's, or "interactive hybrids", are all taken, spoken for, and/or are in very high demand.

"Like Web site development and design, 99% of search engine optimization is more skill, craft, and tedious hard labor then an art or magic skill, but it helps if you have natural musical ability or training."



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Where are you?
About search, SEO, SEM and roles.

SEO thinkers and Web Designers (artists) often have conflicts, it's normal, it's about being pretty vs. looking good enough AND being found.

Search thinkers must help choose or fix if possible, the programming for the site to make it friendly for the search engines automated robots.

Search thinkers should review site architecture to make sure site relevant content is not buried in sub-directories on the site. Also making sure that menus and fancy navigation allow search spiders to easily index your site.


A "SEO Copywriter" develops search-engine friendly copy. Page by page.


A "Search Engine Manager" (SEM) is the individual who sees the big picture and coordinates the effort of the other SEO specialists.


A "Search Engine Marketer" (SEM) - aligns all channels of advertising: pay-per-click, direct mail, email marketing, print, radio, and cable spots to business goals and tracks ROI. Thus recommending & adjusting ad spends and marketing dollars across all channels.

Because of this the best SEM's - are taken and/or in very high demand.

"ROI for our clients is good because it seems we have been integrating web building with SEO long before it was mainstream or understood by our competitors and their clients."